Levant founder Lisa Davis had a dream.

As a successful businesswoman in the West Midlands, UK, she wanted to bring the scents of Dubai alive closer to home.

She was on a mission to bring her beloved aromas from the UAE, where she has holidayed many times. But Lisa didn’t want to keep them to herself.


Instead, her vision was to develop her own exclusive, dazzling range and share it with the world. She worked round the clock to find her perfect blends, consulting experts, researching enigmatic cultures and discovering heady mixes that make her heart leap.

Now Lisa has accomplished her ambition, she has extended the Levant brand into aspirational fragrances for the home, destinations, dream weddings and more.

She says: “My love for perfume has been with me from a very young age.

I am drawn to how aromas affect my mood, lift my spirit and like so many other people’s experience, help set the scene for our experiences and emotions.

My travels to the Middle East, arriving in leading global hotel lobbies or savouring the sights of awe-inspiring shopping malls, ignited a passion in me.

I set about emulating the heady aromas of sweet Vanilla, or sense-tingling spices.

Amid swaying palm trees, you couldn’t escape the fine fresh citrus fragrance, even if you wanted to – and who would?


As evening approaches, a deep amber tone sets a sultry, sensual mood, perfect for dining as a beguiling sunset works its magic.


Lisa’s proudest Levant moment:

“It wasn’t easy to follow my dream. I was so pleased when I opened a pop-up stand at our local shopping complex. It may not sound much, but I was going places.


Then I got a sign I was on the right path.


As a mother and daughter walked past, you could see first, looks of intrigue, that then transformed into sunny smiles as the origins of fragrance they’d encountered dawned on them.


It smells just like Dubai, they observed as they chatted to me, says Lisa.


It was a surreal but very precious moment, some 3,400 miles away from my perfume’s source of inspiration.


Lisa says: I was elated. They confided they felt like they could be in a Dubai mall.


I knew my dream had now become a reality. My job was done. Levant was born.”