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Rock Formations



A compelling fragrance brings beauty and power to our surroundings – wherever we are.


Luxurious and enticing aromas stir our emotions.


Favourite scents stay with us – or we dream of them: Our past, present, or even future are touched by journeys inspired by our sense of smell. We recall, breathe in, or envisage special places we love, or imagine those we are yet to visit, guided on our way by their unique fragrances. Let Levant perfume transport you to intoxicating, unforgettable settings you’ll return to again and again, one hint of Eastern promise at a time. 


Choose from our collections: Seven delicately crafted, distinctive fragrances. 


Purely named after simplicity itself – numbered from Levant Number One, to Number Seven – each bringing its unique tone and flavour.


Why not rise up and explore the elements with our Private Collection?


All named after some of our solar systems most mighty features:


Fire • Moon • Earth • Sea • Sun


Now, we also have added:


Room sprays • Room diffusers • Candles • Wax melts • Car air fresheners.


To the Levant family.

Share the fantasy with unisex scents of the Middle East, full of desire...

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